• Finding the Best Beaches in St Maarten – St Martin

    St Martin – St Maarten is an island with 37 beaches, so let’s visit some of my favorite ones…

    The video of these delightful beaches close to my place was shot by www.seandesign.net and shows all the many of my favorite beaches which you must come and visit!

    Here’s a map t help you find them!


  • Blood moon total eclipse view from my townhouse

    Come down and enjoy the Magic of the Caribbean at my villa and townhouse as seen in the video of the ‘super blood moon’ eclipse over Oyster Pond and Dawn Beach… See you soon!

    The video was shot from my townhouse by www.seandesign.net and shows the incredible view which is such a joy to watch each day, and of course the stupendous blood moon eclipse event!

  • Carnival madness in St Maarten

    Enjoy Carnival Madness in St Maarten, a video Sean made specially for Corinne’s Caribbean Luxury Homes. Come and enjoy the fun! The Grand Carnival Parade ends weeks of carnival parties, concerts and parades on the Dutch side of the St Maarten.
    See you soon! Corinne.

  • Lookout point is a nature reserve: kite-surfing & whale spotting.

    A few minutes up the coast from my villa at Dawn Beach there is a wonderful nature reserve, the Lookout Point at Baie Lucas, St Martin. It’s a favorite haunt for kite-surfing, and whale and dolphin spotting. You can see the islands of Anguilla and St Barts, and Galion Beach or you can just walking out through the shallow waters to the nearby off-shore islands. It is truly a unique Caribbean beauty spot!

    Video by www.SeanDesign.net

  • Whales and Dolphins around St Maarten.

    Look at these beautiful pictures of whales at dolphins in the waters around the island… Thanks Dominique so much for images.

    Slideshow by www.SeanDesign.net